DIY Guide

This guide is intended to help cardholders quickly set up and manage a MyCardStatement account. Call the official service center at the number above. Provides instructions on how to log in to the central console to activate and run application services.


Log in with your existing CenturyLink credentials. Look at the rules that must be followed. If customers also need help with MyCardStatement and their credentials, click the Get Help tab for help from the official representative.

When cardholders purchased a CenturyLink plan, it appeared to include licensed cloud applications. If people have added services, the right page displays as soon as they connect. First add the domain, select Save or Transfer and activate MyCardStatement.

With the MyCardStatement connection, account holders have full access to their respective account statements. The primary account holder on the MyCardStatement login portal may request the authorized person to manage the credit card account on the portal.

In this case, this person is declared as an “authorized user” of the account and the card is an “additional card”. We also issue cards if the name of another institution appears on the cards. Visa is a certified trademark of the Visa International Service Association and the company is licensed.

The MyCardStatement registration platform is a registered trademark and is licensed as an official authority, so that customers can trust all the online services offered. To secure payment, we may, at our discretion, hold a split credit available to the MyCardStatement login account up to the amount of the payment.

Most products follow the same basic steps outlined below. You can find detailed descriptions and step-by-step instructions to do it yourself in our knowledge database. To activate and manage applications, click the Applications tab, then click Activate.

When the cardholders are available for configuration, click the Configure action in blue. Cloud Fax requires a downstream connection for data protection. Cardholders are expected to support and generate relevant passwords.

The connection status of MyCardStatement should look like an implementation with action. As soon as the process is complete, cardholders should check the application status as Active on the MyCardStatement login portal.